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For such a boring title, it starts enormously exciting.

The stories of death, near-death, and subsequent revival from various operating rooms got me really hooked! - Quotes - “He tried the usual surgical approach to remedy this—yelling at everyone to get their act together.” - As with “Why We Sleep?” this is one of the books I have to consume in small portions a time. Not that it’s boring (even though the titles is far from exciting). Quite the opposite. There’s so much information that I have to process it before getting to the next part. - I’m not yet in the middle of the book, and so far I’ve learned about: - - intricacies of surgeons’ jobs - - the miracle revival of a 3yo girl drowned in cold water in Austria that has been technically dead for an hour or two - - how the construction workers make sure the buildings won’t collapse and serve their purpose - - the emergency response to hurricane and flood damage by both public and private sectors - - how world-class chefs make sure their restaurant serve meals of the highest quality

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